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Cobra N+ (Aqua Blue)

Cobra N+ (Aqua Blue)

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KINK3D Cobra chastity cages are produced in the US and feature a patented geometry optimized for lightness, durability, and comfort.

KINK3D Fusion Line™ products are 3D printed directly in color with an advanced new technology and smoothed with a dedicated vapor solvent. This gives them a glossier finish and slightly grippier texture compared to our black products. Color can vary slightly from piece to piece, making each kit unique.

For a complete device, you need a Cobra cage, a Base Ring, and a lock to connect them (metal lock or Airlock). To order all three parts together, check out our Cobra N+ Chastity Kit, where you can get the lock thrown in for free!

All KINK3D chastity cages and base rings are interoperable. If you already have the perfect base ring, and you're looking for a Cobra N+ cage by itself, then this is the right page.

Learn more about KINK3D Fusion Line products.


The Cobra N+ cage is suggested for a flaccid length of 2.5-3" (6.5-7.5 cm).

The Cobra N+ cage also comes in three different girths: Narrow, Standard, and Wide. We find the Standard works well for most people — but if you prefer a snug cage fit, or you need some extra room, then the Narrow or Wide may be just right for you!

For sizing help before ordering, please review our size guide for cages, or email us for personalized sizing advice.

Cobra N+ Narrow & Wide

The Narrow and Wide versions of the Cobra N+ are very similar to the Cobra N+ Standard, except for their overall width and the size of the head area. If the Cobra N+ is the right length, then the Cobra N+ Narrow or Wide is worth considering if you have a thin or girthy penis.


For detailed chastity device specs, check out our technical pages, including cage dimensions and cage/ring gap information.

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