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Base Ring (Aqua Blue)

Base Ring (Aqua Blue)

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KINK3D base rings should be worn around the penis and testicles (similar to a cock ring), sitting flush with your pubic area. If you're having trouble putting it on, we recommend inserting one testicle through at a time and inserting your penis last.

For a complete chastity device, three parts are needed: a Cobra cage, a Base Ring, and a locking mechanism.

KINK3D Fusion Line™ products are 3D-printed directly in color — never dyed. Color can vary slightly from piece to piece, making each kit unique.

Learn more about KINK3D Fusion Line products.

Standard Rings: 8mm thick. These work for most people.

XD Rings: Extend forward by an extra 2.5mm. This tightens the gap, and also makes the rings more rigid. Good for people with smaller balls to prevent escape.

Curved Rings: 5mm backward curve at the bottom. Good for troubleshooting pressure under the scrotum. Please note that people with smaller balls can be more likely to slip through the gap.

Unsure about size? Click here to review our size guide.

Size inches mm
0 1 1/2 38.1
1 1 5/8 41.3
2 1 3/4 44.5
3 1 7/8 47.6
4 2 50.8
5 2 1/8 54
6 2 1/4 57.2
7 2 3/8 60.3
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