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KINK3D products are made from 3D-printed PA12 nylon. The material is a rigid, lightweight plastic.

After printing, the products are finished with an industry-leading vapor process, which smooths them and seals the outer surface.

A small amount of dye may come off new KINK3D products. Excess dye generally stops after a few days to a week.

KINK3D products are designed in California and manufactured in the USA.

KINK3D products are shower-safe, can be worn in hot tubs and swimming pools, and are compatible with water, oil, and silicone-based lubricants.

We recommend regular cleaning with soap and warm water, including gentle scrubbing of interior surfaces with fingers or a soft brush or cloth.

Products can be wiped or sprayed with most common cleaners, or more thoroughly sterilized with a brief soak in isopropyl alcohol (~15 minutes). Some dye may come out when soaked. Boiling will not melt PA12 nylon, however boiling frequently or for long periods may degrade the material or fade the color and is not recommended.

Yes. All KINK3D base rings are interchangeable with all Cobra cages and KINK3D shaft rings. This means you can mix and match sizes and styles to get your fit just right. Plus, any additional rings or cages that you order will fit the pieces you already own.
No. All KINK3D products use an advanced post-processing technology after 3D printing, and they are smooth out of the box.

KINK3D cages and base rings are designed to fit together snugly. This reduces the chance for skin to get pinched. It also helps prevent motion that can allow the balls to slip through the gap and escape.

Due to minor variations in 3D printing, certain cage/ring pairs can fit together more snugly than others. This is normal for the manufacturing. If your device is difficult to attach at first, it may require breaking in. Firmly press the cage and ring together until the two side pins on the cage are fully seated in the slots on the ring. Then let the device sit for 24-48 hours. Assembly should get easier after this break-in period.

Occasionally it can be difficult to push the metal lock all the way into the lock chamber. First, double-check that your cage is fully seated in the ring. If even 1 mm of the side pins isn't pressed into the slots, it can prevent the lock chamber from aligning. Once the pieces are fully seated, press the lock firmly into the chamber, remove it, and repeat several times. You may notice thin flakes of nylon plastic being shaved off during this break-in process. 

If you still have trouble connecting your device, please contact us at and let us know. We may ask you to supply a picture or short video clip to help us diagnose the issue.

The opening for the lock is on the left side of the device because of the direction the key turns in the lock. If the opening were on the other side, the lock would rotate backwards instead of forwards, and the whole device would have to be larger and less discreet under clothes. It would also be incompatible with the KINK3D Airlock.

As a bonus, this makes it easier for all the right-handed keyholders out there!

The KINK3D Airlock¼ is one of our original creations! People love it for two main reasons: It lets you achieve a 100% metal-free cage setup, and it secures your device with a uniquely numbered seal that proves you've been continuously caged without unlocking — all while keeping the device rigidly connected.

However, the Airlock can be fiddly to put on. It gets a lot easier with practice, but if you're still having trouble, you can follow this short tutorial video (SFW) to learn how to assemble the Airlock backwards. This trick makes it much easier!

All current KINK3D cages are engraved with their size under the lock area. In addition to the length marker, you may see a dot to the left or right. Dot on left: Narrow. Dot on right: Wide.

For example, the Cobra N+ Narrow is marked like this:

KINK3D Base Rings are marked on the front side, at the top, under the lock chamber. For example, a Size 1 Base Ring is marked like this:

Note: Some older versions of KINK3D products may be unmarked.

When we first started out, our cages were called the KINK3D X-Lock Cobra. That was quite a mouthful, and in 2021 we simplified the name to KINK3D Cobra. However the original name lives on in the trademark 'X' engraving on the back of our base rings!

KINK3D products are available in our original black and Fusion Pink.

A small number of Cobra cages in other colors have been made in the past, and you may see photos of them circulating online from time to time. These are not currently available for sale. We are working hard to launch more colors, and we'll announce these via email and social media (Reddit: r/kink3d, Twitter: @KINK3Ddesigns) and add them here at as soon as they're ready. Thanks for your patience!

Yes! KINK3D Fusion Pink cages are made with non-reactive PA12 nylon and formulated without any colorants that are challenging for sensitive skin.

Fusion Pink Cobra cages and base rings are designed to be compatible with black KINK3D products. However, please note that dye from black KINK3D products may rub off on surfaces that are in contact. Although these surfaces should not be visible while your device is being worn, we recommend not to mix and match colors if you want to keep your Fusion Pink KINK3D products in pristine condition!

While both KINK3D colors are made from PA12 nylon, Fusion Pink and black are manufactured on different 3D printers. In order to achieve brightly-colored prints, the machine for Fusion Pink requires specialized consumables including titanium oxide for the outer layers of each piece. These materials are significantly more expensive.

Every 3D-printed KINK3D product is treated with an industry-leading vapor process, smoothing and sealing the outer surface.

In order to protect their bright color, Fusion Pink Cobra cages are smoothed with a unique solvent at a lower temperature. This gives them a glossier finish and slightly grippier texture compared to our black products.

Vapor sealing minimizes porosity — critical for longterm hygiene — while enhancing color at the same time. The result is a vibrant, durable pink that lasts through repeated showers and (just about) whatever else you may throw at it.

We continuously work to improve the safety of our products. That includes a focus on ergonomics, pinch points, sharp edges, and smooth textures. We believe our products significantly exceed the industry standard.

Ultimately, KINK3D products are use-at-your-own-risk. If you experience any medical issue such as restricted circulation, bruising, or skin irritation, please — at minimum — take a break from the product and reevaluate sizing. If your symptoms persist or are severe, please seek medical attention.

When you first receive your device, test it slowly. Do not immediately give your key to another person who lives far away from you. It can take at least several weeks to make sure the device is suitable for longterm wear.

In the unlikely event that a device gets stuck on you, try using soap or lubricant to help slide it off. Taking a hot shower will also warm the material, which slightly increases its ability to flex. If those methods don't work and you don’t feel that you can safely break it, go to a doctor. However embarrassing it is, we promise, they’ve seen worse.

Black KINK3D products are colored with a skin-safe dye containing paraphenylenediamine (PPD). PPD is widely used in hair and beard dyes, as well as in consumer clothing.

A small number of people exhibit skin sensitivity to PPD. The sensitivity is usually noticeable quickly and can include itchy skin and/or inflammation. If you experience a reaction, we suggest that you stop using the product right away, and symptoms should cease within 1-2 weeks. Please consult a doctor if symptoms are severe or persist.

KINK3D products in colors other than black are hypoallergenic. While we can't guarantee individual outcomes, in our experience reactions are extremely rare.

We get this question a lot. While it is true that chastity fans often seek out smaller cages over time, this is mostly for the fun of being more snugly contained. We are not aware of any research showing that chastity devices cause lasting anatomical changes to the penis.
KINK3D chastity devices use the "ball-trap" method, and no ball-trap device is foolproof. A well-fitted device should minimize the chance for escape, but the only way to fully secure a penis in a ball-trap device is to use a piercing, such as a Prince Albert (PA), to actually lock the head of the penis to the bars of the cage.

We base our cage recommendations off of your normal smallest flaccid length.

When measuring flaccid length, allow the penis to hang naturally. Measure along the top side of the penis from base (where it meets the body) to tip. It's best to use a cloth tape measure, or a string which you can measure with a regular ruler or tape measure. We suggest measuring several times over the course of the day under "normal" conditions — not right after a hot shower, and not when it's extremely cold.

More detailed instructions can be found in our Cobra cage sizing guide.

Unlike other chastity brands, we don't recommend trying to measure for base rings. We've never found a reliable way to get good numbers and when people do measure, they often get results that are way off from what they need.

If you have experience with other chastity devices that use circular and flat (not curved) rings, the base ring inner diameter should translate to a similar KINK3D base ring. If you have experience with other types of base rings, or need additional help, feel free to email us.

Generally yes. PA piercings up to 2 gauge size should be compatible with all standard Cobra cages (with the exception of the Baby Cobra Narrow, which can only accommodate 6 gauge PAs and smaller). PAs that are 0 gauge or larger may fit on certain cage sizes, but can be a tight squeeze.

If you have questions about your PA and a specific cage, you can email us.

We accept all major credit cards as well as payment via PayPal Express Checkout. Other digital payment methods may also be available depending on your location. When in doubt, build a cart and see for yourself!

Absolutely! We ship most orders within 2 business days, so if you need to make any changes or corrections, please get in touch ASAP via email.

We can cancel any order that hasn't shipped. If you need to cancel your order, email us ASAP.

Cancellations will have a 5% cancellation fee applied to cover costs, including the credit card fees incurred during purchase. Refunds for cancelled orders should appear in your account within 3-10 business days, depending on your financial institution.

Due to the intimate nature of our products, we aren't able to offer returns/refunds or exchanges for a different size.

However, if you receive your order and discover a problem such as a defect, missing item, or wrong item, please get in touch as soon as possible, and we'll sort it out for you!

We also want people to be aware of the secondhand marketplace for KINK3D products at r/KINK3Dexchange. It's a great place to find new sizes at a discount, trade sizes, or connect with buyers for sizes in your collection that you may not be using anymore.

KINK3D products are currently available at Mr. S Leather in San Francisco, Leather Man in New York City, Chez Priape in Montreal, and Clonezone in the UK.

Our products are also available online through Topped Toys, with local shipping for customers in Canada and the EU.

We are always working to add more premium retail partners to improve the global accessibility of our products. Please check our Official Partners page for updates, and make sure to sign up for our newsletter!

Generally, yes. We instruct payment processors to use an abbreviated version of our company name on bank statements. In the vast majority of cases, a purchase should be easily identifiable to you but not to the general public.

Occasionally, however, an issuing bank can choose to place additional information about purchases on a statement, including information that can be more revealing. This is entirely outside our control. If bank statement discretion is critical for you, we suggest confirming how your bank and/or payment processor displays purchases prior to placing an order.

Yes. All packages are shipped in plain cardboard boxes or bubble mailers. Contents are not visible. Shipping labels do not say anything about chastity, sex, or kink.

Please note: Inside the package, there may be printed media containing information about our company and/or products.

More shipping information and policies can be found here.

We send orders out as fast as possible, but we're still a small business. Most orders ship in 1-3 business days, but occasionally can take longer.

We offer several shipping speeds at checkout. Please note that estimated shipping time is for actual time in transit. It does not include the time (generally 1-3 business days) required to get your order ready.

Please also note that estimated shipping times are estimates. They are not guarantees. In our experience, the vast majority of packages arrive safely and quickly, however some packages are delayed during transit and can take extra days or even weeks to arrive. We greatly appreciate your patience when this happens!

More shipping info and policies can be found here.

We've shipped our products to over 30 countries, and the list is growing!

Please double-check the VAT and/or customs for your country before ordering. We don't want anyone to be surprised. These costs are entirely beyond our control.

We do not have any way to collect these charges in advance. The shipping service (UPS, DHL, or your local postal service) will often contact you to pay for the VAT/customs before they deliver your package. This charge may include a brokerage fee, which is the cost charged by the government to process your order through customs.

More shipping info and policies can be found here.