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Randomized Lock

Randomized Lock

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Looking for more security? You're in the right place! Unlike our standard locks that are included automatically with each KINK3D chastity kit, these locks aren't keyed alike.

This set will be randomly selected from a variety of key configurations, meaning it won't be interoperable with most other chastity lock and key sets you encounter in the wild. No more giving in to temptation and using another person's key!

We suggest taking special care to keep the lock and keys in this set separate from others in your collection. If you accidentally mix up which key goes with which lock, and you forcefully turn the wrong key in the wrong lock, you could damage the lock and/or key in the process.

These sets are sourced from Burg Wächter — a German lock manufacturer that is well known to chastity aficionados.

Note: Since these sets aren't keyed alike, KINK3D will not be able to send an emergency replacement if you lose both your keys! Please keep your keys safe.

Each set contains:

  • 1 lock
  • 2 keys
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