Size Guide - Base Rings

Choosing a ring

Finding the perfect ring size is one of the trickiest parts of chastity. Some websites will tell you to wrap a string or a tape measure around yourself to estimate your size. However, we think those guides are misleading and give a false sense of confidence. In our experience, measuring this way can often result in a ring that's much too large.

If at all possible, our advice is to choose your size based on previous experiences with chastity devices. If you aren't sure how our rings may compare to other products you've tried, we highly recommend the r/kink3d community on Reddit, where you can find lots of advice from experienced wearers. Or you can ask us directly!

KINK3D base rings are measured by inner diameter. For example, here's the #2 size:

Rings come in eight sizes, from diameter 1 1/2" (about 38mm) to 2 3/8" (about 60mm).

Size 0 is very small. If you're considering Size 0, we recommend trying Size 1 first unless you're really sure.

Sizes 6 and 7 are very large. If you're considering them, we recommend trying Size 5 first unless you're really sure.
Size inches mm
0 1 1/2 38.1
1 1 5/8 41.3
2 1 3/4 44.5
3 1 7/8 47.6
4 2 50.8
5 2 1/8 54
6 2 1/4 57.2
7 2 3/8 60.3

Three ring styles

  • Standard Rings: 8mm thick. These work for most people.

  • XD Rings: Extend forward by an extra 2.5mm. This tightens the gap, and also makes the rings more rigid. Good for people with smaller balls to prevent escape.

  • Curved Rings: 5mm backward curve at the bottom. Good for comfort under the scrotum. Please note that people with smaller balls can be more likely to slip through the gap.

We recommend starting with the standard ring, unless you're experienced with other devices and already know you need a different type. For those who like to geek out on detailed gap measurements, you can find further specifications here.