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Shaft Ring (Black)

Shaft Ring (Black)

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For the person who desires to be locked 24/7 but can't be in a cage every hour of every day, we've got you covered! KINK3D Shaft Rings interface with the same base rings as our Cobra cages, converting your cage into a locking cock ring.

Shaft Rings provide the convenience of being uncaged with an ever-present reminder that you're still under lock and key. Not to mention all the fun and heightened pleasure the cock ring provides—if your keyholder is kind enough to let you play!

Recommended sizing: Choose the size that's closest to your penis girth while erect. Shaft rings aren't meant to constrict blood flow for a sustained length of time.

Size Ring Diameter (cm) Suggested Penis Circumference - Erect (cm)
1 3.5 11
2 3.65 11.5
3 3.8 12
4 3.95 12.5
5 4.1 13
6 4.3 13.5
7 4.45 14
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