Collection: KINK3D Cobra Chastity Kits - Aqua Blue

KINK3D Cobra® chastity cages are produced in the US with some of the most advanced 3D-printing technologies on the planet. Cobra cages feature a patented geometry optimized for lightness, durability, and comfort. We focus relentlessly on design, so you can focus on staying locked for longer.

Made from a strong, lightweight plastic, Cobra cages are great for even the most active lifestyle. From cycling, to running, to climbing, Cobra cages can be worn all the time — with no need to unlock. In fact, they're so easy to wear you may forget you even have it on.
For a complete chastity device, three parts are needed: a Cobra cage, a Base Ring, and a locking mechanism. If you need all three, then you're in the right place! If you already have a cage or ring you like, you can buy individual cages or base rings in the size you need.

If you need sizing help, check out our cage size guide. And you can always email us for personalized sizing advice.