Size Guide - Cobra Cages

When measuring flaccid length, allow the penis to hang naturally. Measure along the top side of the penis from base (where it meets the body) to tip.

It's best to use a cloth tape measure or a string (which you can then measure with a regular ruler or tape measure).

We suggest measuring several times over the course of the day under "normal" conditions — not right after a hot shower, and not when it's extremely cold. The goal is to find your normal smallest flaccid length, rather than the absolute smallest you ever get.

 Cobra Chastity Device Sizing Chart


The advice on this page is a best guess, but everyone's anatomy is different. It is not a guarantee.

New to chastity and/or Cobra cages? We highly encourage you to seek sizing advice before ordering. You can email us directly or ask the community on Reddit at r/kink3d (NSFW).

In addition to advice, r/kink3d contains many photos of customers wearing each size of Cobra cage (NSFW). Looking at examples can be a great way to visualize which size may be best for you.

Length Advice

In our experience, customers are happiest when their Cobra cage is a good match for their flaccid length. If the cage is too short, it can hang off the body and only partially cover the shaft. If the cage is too long, the head of the penis may not sit in the head section of the cage.

Getting a new chastity cage can be exciting, and we're all about that! However, please make sure you aren't partially aroused when you take your measurements. You don't want to overestimate your true size.

If you're on the border between two sizes, in our experience, most people prefer going with the shorter size.

For chastity experts, detailed cage measurements are available on our Cobra specs page.

Width Advice

We've found that the Standard width works well for most people. If you have a thinner than average penis or have found that other chastity devices have been loose on you, a Narrow width might be a good choice. On the other hand, if you have a thick penis or have had trouble fitting into other devices, the Wide option is probably better to consider.