Size Guide - Cobra Cages

New to chastity and/or Cobra cages? We highly encourage you to seek sizing advice at the KINK3D forum on Reddit.

The following is a best guess, but everyone's anatomy is different!

Flaccid length X-Lock Cobra size
1.75" or less Baby
1.75 - 2.25" N
2.25 - 2.75" N+
2.75 - 3.5" S
3.5 - 4" S+
4 - 4.75" R
4.75 - 5.5" R+
5.5" or above BFG

Flaccid length refers to measuring along the top of the penis, from base to tip.

If you're on the border between two sizes, in our experience, most people prefer the smaller size.