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Covert Cobra Patch

Covert Cobra Patch

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We know our fans love Cobra cages and often want to show off their chastity pride to the world. And we love thinking of ways to help do just that! We started with t-shirts, then added keychains, and now we've got patches.

These iron-on patches are easy to apply, with no sewing skill required. Great for denim jackets, backpacks, gym bags, or on that throw pillow your aunt got you last Christmas. And don't worry, you can sew them on as well, for all those leather loving Cobra fans!

The official Cobra logo is great for showing off your pride, but we get it, it can be a little too phallic for some life situations. That's why we created this new Covert Cobra design. It's abstract enough that no one will know it features a penis snugly caged in a Cobra N, unless they're already on Team Cobra. Just make sure you come up with your cover story for what it means before someone at the gym asks!

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