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Baby Cobra Chastity Kit (Fusion Pink)

Baby Cobra Chastity Kit (Fusion Pink)

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KINK3D Cobra chastity cages are produced in the US and feature a patented geometry optimized for lightness, durability, and comfort.

KINK3D Fusion Line™ products are 3D printed directly in color — never dyed. Color can vary slightly from piece to piece, making each kit unique.

To protect their bright color, Fusion Pink Cobra cages are smoothed and sealed with a dedicated vapor solvent. This gives them a glossier finish and slightly grippier texture compared to our black products.

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Baby Cobra Cage (Learn more)
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The Baby Cobra is suggested for a flaccid length of 1.25-2" (3-5 cm). Need help finding your size? Please review our size guides for cages and base rings, or email us for personalized advice!

Baby Cobra Narrow

The Baby Cobra Narrow is 5 mm shorter and 5 mm narrower than the Baby Cobra. It's the snuggest Cobra yet. It also features a smaller front opening (important for those with a PA).

Watch the gap! The Baby Cobra Narrow has a very small diameter, which can make the gap larger. Consider pairing it with an XD base ring to prevent ball slips.

Baby Cobra Wide

New for 2024, the Baby Cobra Wide is 5 mm longer than the Baby Cobra, as well as being wider. If you have a short, thick penis that points straight out from the body, it is a great option to consider!

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