KINK3D Support Sizing Guidance

Cage measurement

For the cage, let us know your normal smallest flaccid length. Steps:

  • Allow the penis to hang naturally.
  • Measure along the top side of the penis from the base (where it meets the body) to the tip.
  • A cloth tape measure works best, but you can also use a ruler, or you can use a string and then measure the string.
  • We suggest measuring several times over the course of the day under "normal" conditions — not right after a hot shower, and not when it's extremely cold.

Previous cages

If you've used other chastity cages in the past (including Cobra cages), let us know which ones and how they fit.

If you've used a cage where you liked the length and filled it all the way to the tip while fully flaccid, that is helpful for us to know.

Base ring

For the base ring, we don't recommend trying to measure. In our experience, measuring isn't reliable, and it often leads people to significantly overestimate the size they need.

Instead, we find the best way to size for a KINK3D product is to choose based on other chastity devices you’ve tried in the past. If you’re completely new to chastity and have never tried on a cage before, we recommend buying an inexpensive chastity set from a site such as Amazon or eBay that comes with several different ring sizes. It's best if the rings are circular and flat (i.e. not curved) since those will be the most comparable to our products. These devices aren’t always the most comfortable, but they can be really useful in figuring out your size.

Let us know:

  • the brand of the device (or if it's a generic one, a product link and/or what the original brand was) 
  • the size of the rings/cage you tried
  • how well each one fit

We suggest carefully measuring the inner diameter of the rings (the actual usable space in the ring), as product info listed on a website isn't always reliable.


If you’d like to share photos of yourself flaccid and/or locked in another device, you are welcome to do so.

That's it!

If you can provide the answers to these questions, we'll get started helping you choose a size, so you can get locked up!