KINK3D Fusion Pink

KINK3D Fusion Pink - Baby Cobra

Introducing Fusion Pink

Get ready to glow up your lockup! After two years of R&D, we're making one of our top requests a reality. A new color is coming to the KINK3D lineup: Fusion Pink.

KINK3D Fusion Pink™ isn't just a new coat of paint. It's manufactured with its own technology that integrates color during the print process itself. So your cage will be shining even on that last day of Locktober.

And since it's made from super-strong PA12 nylon, Fusion Pink stands up to the demands of 24/7 wear — just like our classic black Cobra.


KINK3D Fusion Pink cages are made with non-reactive PA12 nylon and formulated without any colorants that are challenging for sensitive skin.

We've partnered with Cobra fans to test Fusion Pink specifically on skin that's reacted sensitively to our black products. Result: lockup achieved! While we can't guarantee individual outcomes, we believe these cages are suitable for people with PPD allergies.

Surface Technology

Every 3D-printed KINK3D product is treated with an industry-leading vapor process, smoothing and sealing the outer surface.

In order to protect their bright color, Fusion Pink Cobra cages are smoothed with a unique solvent at a lower temperature. This gives them a glossier finish and slightly grippier texture compared to our black products.

Vapor sealing minimizes porosity — critical for longterm hygiene — while enhancing color at the same time. The result is a vibrant, durable pink that lasts through repeated showers and (just about) whatever else you may throw at it.

Mix & (maybe) match

Fusion Pink Cobra cages and base rings are designed to be compatible with black KINK3D products.

However, please note that dye from black KINK3D products may rub off on surfaces that are in contact. Although these surfaces should not be visible while your device is being worn, we recommend not to mix and match colors if you want to keep your Fusion Pink KINK3D products in pristine condition!


Pricing for a full kit (including cage, base ring, lock & keys):

Baby Cobra


Cobra N/N+


Cobra S/S+


Cobra R/R+


Cobra BFG


Why the different price? While both KINK3D colors are made from PA12 nylon, pink and black are manufactured on different 3D printers. In order to achieve brightly-colored prints, the machine for pink requires specialized consumables including titanium oxide for the outer layers of each piece. These materials are significantly more expensive.

Our goal at KINK3D is to offer the highest-quality products that we can develop. For color, this means using new technology to create a unique combination of smooth, durable, non-porous, and vibrantly-colored 3D prints — thereby meeting our rigorous standards for areas of the body that we think deserve the best.

How about more colors?

Fusion Pink Cobra cages are the result of extensive R&D with the latest additive manufacturing technologies. We are incredibly excited to launch them and see Team Cobra get more colorful!

At this point, new colors are limited to pink. However, we see this as just the beginning. The best way to stay up to date is to follow us on Twitter or Reddit and/or sign up for our newsletter!