Quick Update from KINK3D HQ

Hey Team Cobra!

First, let me introduce myself. I’m Paul, and I’m in charge of operations here at KINK3D. Some of you may remember me if you’ve emailed us with questions or problems, as I was the main person handling customer service for most of 2021. As we’ve grown, we started needing more help to keep y’all locked up, so we’ve brought in several new people including Yoshi, who has taken over the customer service side of things for us. She’s great, so definitely reach out if you need help or have any problems. She’s dedicated to helping Team Cobra get and stay locked up.

We have some longer blog posts in the works, but I’m jumping in with a short one to give y’all an update and let you know we’re still here and working on lots of great things. The big news for us is that we’ve moved! Still in the Oakland area, but we’ve got a much bigger and better office now. Seriously, we had no idea how popular our cages would become and outgrew our two previous office spaces within our first year!

Baby Cobra Narrow vs Standard

Baby Cobra Narrow (left) and Baby Cobra Standard (right)

You may also have noticed we’ve had a few product announcements - the biggest one being our new (much requested) Baby Cobra Narrow. This cage is tiny and cute and we know that lots of you are going to love it. It’s 5mm shorter as well as narrower than our already small Baby Cobra, so it’s going to be snug. We also want people to know that PAs might not work great as the overall dimensions and space between the bars are quite small. As always, email us (support@kink3d.com) with any questions. We're accepting pre-orders now, with the next round of shipments expected to go out mid-May.

We’ve also got new swag ready to go! We’ve started with iron-on patches, in both our traditional Cobra logo as well as a new covert style (for when more discretion is required). We’ve got more swag in the works, so stay tuned for more fun ways to show your Team Cobra pride.

 Traditional Cobra Logo Patch

Covert Cobra Patch

We’ve got more posts on the way, so check back in or follow us on Twitter or Reddit to stay up to date on all the new and fun things going on with Team Cobra.

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