Welcome to the KINK3D blog!

Welcome to the KINK3D blog!

Welcome to the kickoff of the official KINK3D blog!

Whether you joined Team Cobra back in 2019 when our cages were a quirky hobby on Reddit, or you just learned about chastity last week, we’re happy you’re here.

Chastity might be a little below the radar compared to some of the big-name kinks in the BDSM universe, but it brings in a huge range of enthusiasts, and it’s growing fast. Our early adopters have included straight men, power bottoms, bi cucks, devoted subs, service tops, trans women, non-binary and queer people of all stripes, college students to septuagenarians. We’ve sent cages to six of the seven continents (and if anyone’s doing research in Antarctica, let us know… first cage is on us!).


We love all this diversity. Whatever brings you to chastity, you can find a community who shares your excitement. And we hope, along the way, KINK3D can make every person’s chastity journey just a little bit better.

As we’ve grown over the past three years, we’ve talked to literally thousands of people and answered a whole lot of questions. That includes helping to size people for cages, demystifying chastity, and solving all kinds of other problems. One frequent discussion we’ve had here at KINK3D is how we can help even more people. And that brings us to this blog.

In our experience, there’s some great info about chastity online, but also a lot of confusion. That makes it different from some of the more mainstream areas of sexual exploration, where people pretty much get how they work. For example, if you’re buying a dildo, you might be a little too ambitious and end up with a toy that’s bigger than you were expecting . . . but you probably won’t need an instruction manual. Because at the end of the day, experimenting with a dildo generally goes something like this:

1. Buy toy
2. Insert in hole
3. Success!

Chastity… not so much. Not only are there many different types of chastity device makers, but there can be so many variables, measurements, and materials, not to mention intimidating terminology (what exactly is an ergo ring?). Plus, subtle differences from cage to cage can affect the fit in ways that aren’t always obvious or intuitive. And if you try to translate sizes from brand to brand, it can get really tricky.

And that’s just getting the cage! Once you have a device that fits, there are so many other things that people wonder about: from how to clean (soap and water are great), to how long it’s realistic to wear your device, to general concerns about safety. And that doesn’t even begin to address the non-physical side of chastity, like relationship dynamics, sexual identity, and challenging yourself to practice orgasm denial for longer.


Chastity safety


In answering people’s questions, we often find ourselves doing more than just giving size advice or recommending lubricants and lotions. There are some common misconceptions about chastity that we work hard to change. Like whether it’s a good plan to go as small as possible, or whether caging will actually change your penis size over the long term.

Like many things in life, this blog will be a work in progress. We have some ideas about topics to explore and formats to use, but we’ll also be learning as we go, and we definitely welcome your feedback.

As we’ve been brainstorming topics to cover, we’ve noticed they seem to fall in several big categories:

Sizing: This may take a number of posts!
KINK3D: From our origins, to new product launches, to how we make decisions about product development and other important issues
Chastity: What it’s all about, how it relates to other kinks, and various myth and misconceptions
Human sexuality: Relationship dynamics, sexual roles, and more

On top of this, we hope to present a variety of perspectives by inviting guest authors to write posts about their own experiences — as chastity enthusiasts, toy industry professionals, pro doms, adults models, and more.

Lastly, we’d love your help! We try hard to answer questions from the community over at the r/kink3d subreddit, but if you’ve got a tricky or complex question you’d like us to cover, feel free to send it to blog@kink3d.com. You know the type:

Dear KINK3D letter

No guarantees, but we’ll try to get to as many of your questions as possible!

Finally, we hope this blog will start some great discussions. We’ll post the updates over on r/kink3d, and you can use the comments section there to participate.

Thanks and happy locking!



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