All Kink3D products are made from nylon and nylon composites. The materials are skin-safe, shower-safe, and compatible with water-, oil-, and silicone-based lubricants.

Clean with soap and water. Do not boil.

A small amount of dye may come off new Kink3D products. The dye is skin-safe, and release of excess dye generally stops after a few days.


Products are shipped with USPS in discreet packaging. Delivery within the US typically takes 1-3 business days.

Most products will arrive in a small white cardboard box. Very small products may be shipped in a yellow 4”x6” bubble mailer.


Due to the nature of Kink3D products, returns are only possible for items that have a material defect.

We get it. It’s a bummer to buy something that doesn’t end up fitting just right. Kink3D tries hard to prevent this by offering size guidance, a wide range of standard sizes, and custom builds. We also support the use of secondary markets to trade and resell products, including r/kink3d.


Kink3D makes every effort to craft safe products. We believe our products meet or exceed industry standards in terms of materials and design. However, evolution did not shape human anatomy with Kink3D products in mind. Ultimately, all Kink3D products are use-at-your-own-risk.

If you experience circulatory restriction, bruising, skin abrasion, or any other medical issue, please — at minimum — take a break from the product and reevaluate sizing.

In the extremely unlikely event that a device gets stuck — especially if circulation is restricted — first try soap or lubricant to assist removal. If that fails, go to a medical professional. Don’t risk serious injury by ignoring the issue. However embarrassing it is, we promise, they’ve probably seen worse.